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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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Professional Experience

BetterLesson 2014 – present


Pixxlz 2011 -2013

  • built components, developed, and maintained pixxlz.com, integrating third party APIs
  • HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, and RESTful (Flikr, Facebook, 500px, Instagram,

BFSDaniels | CopyCop – web 2011 -2013

  • maintained and updated copycop.com and bfsdaniels.com, created and added components, designed and deployed banners and column advertisements, optimizing content for searchengine indexing, HTML emails
  • XHTML, CSS, WordPress, HubSpot, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Photoshop

BFSDaniels | CopyCop – print 2011 -2013

  • assisted the prepress department in preparing client supplied files for print production and creating proofs
  • Accrobat Pro, Rampage, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Marchese for State Representative 2011

  • designed and developed marchese4staterep.org
  • XHTML, CSS, PHP, Paypal, Photoshop

Finding Work Today 2009-2010

  • designed and developed findingworktoday.com
  • XHTML, CSS, PHP , Authorize.net, 1ShopingCart

Slamworld USA 2009-2010

  • designed and developed slamworldusa.com
  • Photoshop, PHP, mySQL, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Flash, and ActionScript

Life does Suck 2008-2009

  • Designed and developed lifedoessuck.com
  • Inkscape, Gimp, XHTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Simple Machines Forum, Godaddy’s


W3C and the Internet

  • researched server and client side object orented languages

Center of Digital Image Arts at Boston University 2008 – 2009

  • completed certificate program in graphic and web design

Massachusetts College of Art 2007

  • courses taken in oil painting, children’s book, and comic book illustration

Art Institute of Boston 2003 – 2005

  • five semester study in illustration, animation, and fine arts

Waltham High School 2002

  • graduated from Waltham High School with senior year vocational graphic arts background

Practical Skills


  • HTML4, XHTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, HTML emails, search engine optimization, cross browser compatibility, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, Flash, Action Script, WordPress, RESTful, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Git


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash), QuarkXPress, GIMP, Scribus,Acrobat Pro, Rampage

Graphic Constructs

  • page layout, type, color, contrast, composition, positive/negative space, weight, dynamic images, shape, storyboard, human and animal anatomy, animation, symbolism, gesture, line, shadows/light, perspective

Traditional Media

  • charcoal, pencil, oil pastels, color pencils, water color, acrylics, oil paints

References upon Request

chrisantreasian@gmail.com | 781-799-5593 |chris-a.net | Wilmington MA

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Two Futures

corporate human ruin

We Will Choose.

victory through peace

So What’s the Catch?

Two hooks

What’s your story?

White People Dancing

White People Dancing

I do not know this rock and roll.

A tribute to Richard Antreasian

Richard the Bio Chemest

My father Richard Antreasian was an individual who shaped the way things were for my family and myself. Thanks to this man I grew to become the person who I am today. From my youngest through out my older years, I knew him to be resilient, intellectual, and a man of many talents. I watched my father, who was stricken with Muscular Scleroses, adapt his hobbies, talents, and ways of expressing himself to accommodate for his body that was slowly taken from him. He was an eagle scout, a carpenter, a sailor, a bio-chemist, a toy store owner, a kite maker, a web developer, a gardener, a chef, and a father.

He introduced me to politics, finance, science, music, the news, and how it really is. He would listen to NPR every day to hear about the current events, and peoples views on the issues. As I got older he would even listen to my political views, and complaints of how our world is handled. He always tried to give me input on why things are the way they are, sometimes agreeing with me and my position, but always wanting me to see other peoples perspective. This gave me a clearer more unbiased opinion of the issues.

He introduced me to computers, and his love for technology grew on me. We had Photoshop before computers could handle color, the game pong, and our home computer was on the internet before CSS gave information design, shape and form. He built a website well before I had any idea, or interest on how to do so. His website showed his quirky sense of humor, displaying his specs, AOL disk collection, and sharing a bit of himself with the world.

Richard on the porch

He was a very independent man despite his affliction, driving until it was no longer safe. Until the end of his life he took it to be his responsibility to cook interesting and delicious meals for his family, making sure each group on the food pyramid was represented, frequently taking his scooter to the supermarket to do our family’s shopping for the week.

The scooters battery failed once. Fortunately my sister who was on the way to work saw him and informed me because he generally didn’t bring a phone with him. I walked over to met him and pushed him and the scooter three blocks back to our house. This was one of the few times he allowed me to help him as any amount of hesitation on my part would result in him saying “Too late it’s already done.” as he rushed off to accomplish any task he may have asked us to do.

He could talk to anyone, strangers, friends and family. His conversations were jokes or arguments, anything to get whoever he was talking to going a little. He would play backgammon and chess always trying to win but never letting his competitiveness overwhelm his sense of fun. He was vocal about his opinions but never wanted to say things to overly offend people. For those he met he loved and they loved him back.

My dad always acted as strong as possible, responding to hugs with comments like “Get off, you bother me”, saying it with a smile letting on to his underlying warmness that was hiding beneath his tough exterior. He wasn’t happy being trapped in a body that forced him to live a life style in a chair, but tried not to share his depression with us. We could tell he was sad. As he grew older the last thing he wanted was to be a burden, and he never was.


He left us suddenly due to complications but the time we had together was priceless. He was a joy to be around at his best and an inspiration of resilience at his worst. He loved his family and we loved him. For all that he couldn’t do he made up for it with things he did. He could see both sides of an issue but tended to align himself with what he felt was right. He cared about his family and did all he could for us. Anyone else who was in his condition would have given up but he strode on. He was not a religious man but any god from any religion is lucky to have him. I love my dad and he will be missed.

In loving memory of,
Richard Antreasian
12/14/1950 – 7/2/2013

Starr Daniels Home Design

Site: SD Home
Years: 2012
commissioned by: Starr Daniels

star daniels home design

During my employment at BFSDaniels, it was requested of me to create a simple web site for Starr Daniels interior design. The design was based on a small booklet used to show examples of Starr’s work. Within a week her and I went over her vision for the site, how it would operate, search engine indexing, content and design. It comprised of three main parts, a rotating image banner, an introductory paragraph, and an Ajax driven contact form. Within a week of planning the site, it was coded and live.

Evil Dead 2013 was groovy!

Evil Dead 2013 trees

I saw the new Evil Dead yesterday and can say that I was not disappointed. They touched on many of the main themes of the original while recreating it for 2013. It may have not been quite as forwardly funny as the original but the overwhelmingly specific violence, bodily fluids ,and deadite possessions warms my heart. The squeamish may not want to avoid this movie as it will churn stomachs to sickness, otherwise enjoy.

Next Scripts Auto-Poster

Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP}: visit the site

snap auto-poster

SNAP Auto Poster from Next Scripts is a powerful automation tool that links your WordPress blog to external social media sites. It gives your blog the ability to post automatically to third party web sites through REST. This tool could be used to maintain integrity through multiple blogs, create inbound links to your site from each network, and spread interest for your product throughout the internet.

It is free, easy to set up, and has a wide range of options. There is also a commercial version that can control multiple different accounts for each social network and has even more sites to access that its free counterpart.

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