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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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Starr Daniels Home Design

star daniels home design

Site: SD Home Years: 2012 commissioned by: Starr Daniels During my employment at BFSDaniels, it was requested of me to create a simple web site for Starr Daniels interior design. The design was based on a small booklet used to show examples of Starr’s work. Within a week her and I went over her vision […]

Chris’ Resume

Professional Experience Pixxlz 2011 – 2013 built components, developed, and maintained pixxlz.com, integrating third party APIs HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, and RESTful (Flikr, Facebook, 500px, Instagram, Picasa) BFSDaniels | CopyCop – web 2011 – 2013 maintained and updated copycop.com and bfsdaniels.com, created and added components, designed and deployed banners and column advertisements, optimizing content […]

Daniles Print Communications


Years: 2011 – 2013 commissioned by: Daniels Print Communications Site: Daniels Print Communications BFSDaniels, now Daniels is a print and digital communication company in Boston, MA. Daniels Print Communications contains three subsidiary companies, Daniels Print, CopyCop, and Pixxlz. As a web developer I was responsible for the upkeep the websites for Daniels and CopyCop and […]

Marchese For State Rep

Gary Marchese for state representative

Site: Marchese For State Rep Years: 2011 commissioned by: Gary Marchese During the 2011 election, Gary Marchese decided to run for state representative. Gary had spent years on Waltham’s City council and knew it was time for something bigger. He hired me through his daughters recommendation to set up a web site showing his past […]

Finding Work Today

Finding work Today

Site: Finding Work Today Years: 2008 – 2009 commissioned by: Ken Carson During the development of Slam World, I accepted another freelance position to develop a web site designed to help individuals learn how to find work as a consultant. Finding Work Today was commissioned by professional consultant and business owner, Ken Carson. Ken is […]

Slam World USA

Slam World Womans Basketball

Site: Slam World USA Years: 2008 – 2009 commissioned by: Bob Takvorian Slam World USA is the brain child of the same client who commissioned Life does Suck. It was a site with a much different purpose. The client had a concept for a story about a team of super hero athletes who were given […]

Life does Suck

life hurts

Site: Life does Suck Years: 2006 – 2007 commissioned by: Bob Takvorian Life does Suck was built to both give an outlet for people to share their problems, as well as offer possible solutions. The site itself comprised of two main sections. The first section was the the home page. There I animated a character […]

The Internet

the Internet

Link: W3C Years: 2007 – forever As I looked for work after finishing CDIA, I realized the necessity for continuing to learn. For my first job, my client was looking for a dynamic Flash application and Action Script. This was still new to me, and so I continued my educational journey through internet research. Even […]

Center for Digital Imaging Arts

Site: CDIA Years: 2006 – 2007 After leaving the Art Institute, I spent some time working as a delivery driver, gas station attendant, and a package store employee. The jobs payed poorly and left me with no creative satisfaction. My uncle suggested I look into studying web design at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts. […]

Art Institute of Boston

Art Institute of Boston

years: 2002 – 2005 site: AIB As I approached my graduation from Waltham High I knew art was my passion. I applied to art schools with intent to improve my skills. After acceptance at a number of schools, I followed my vocational art teacher suggestion and attended the Art Institute of Boston. There, I studying […]

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