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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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A tribute to Richard Antreasian

Richard on the porch

My father Richard Antreasian was an individual who shaped the way things were for my family and myself. Thanks to this man I grew to become the person who I am today. From my youngest through out my older years, I knew him to be resilient, intellectual, and a man of many talents. I watched […]

Next Scripts Auto-Poster

Social Networks Auto Poster {SNAP}: visit the site SNAP Auto Poster from Next Scripts is a powerful automation tool that links your WordPress blog to external social media sites. It gives your blog the ability to post automatically to third party web sites through REST. This tool could be used to maintain integrity through multiple […]

Fancy Box


FancyBox: visit the site FancyBox is a jQuery plugin built to display information in a popup or model box. I did extensive research as in to similar products, and found this one to be the most ideal. It is free to use, handles multiple types of information and is easy to set up.



Easybasket: visit the site Easybasket is an Ajax and XML shopping cart solution. It is easy to implement and completely free. The only thing the developer wants for us to do to use his software is to post a back link.


jQuery booklet

Booklet: visit the site Booklet is an online booklet component built by Will Grauvogel. Before choosing Booklet, I did quite a bit of research on jQuery booklets. It is incredibly simple to use and highly customizable with multiple options.

Shuffle Letters

Shuffle Letters

Shuffle Letters: visit the site Shuffle Letters is an text transition effect built by Martin Angelov to make data transactions more fun. In some cases I fetched the word to be transitioned to through Ajax, while in others directly from within the JavaScript. However the data was fetched, it made my transitions more interesting.

Shine Time

shine time image capture

Shine time: visit the site Shine time is a gallery plug in built by Addy Osmani. I only used the shine transition but the plug ins does much more. It is easy to implement and very light weight. Shine time could be used by any artist, photographer, or designer to preview their work.

A word about the internet

The internet is a mystical place, that neither resembles a series of tubes nor a network of cats. The net has facilities to hold both true and false simultaneously causing no conundrum. It is a web entrapping time, thought, and human data, organizing it by titles, keywords, and, images that make it easy query. In […]


Going in to this I felt WordPress would be a good skeleton to for my site. I have had some experience with WordPress in the past and found that it has great functionality, is highly customizable, easy to maintain and very search engine friendly. This however has been my first experience designing one for myself […]

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