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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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A tribute to Richard Antreasian

Richard on the porch

My father Richard Antreasian was an individual who shaped the way things were for my family and myself. Thanks to this man I grew to become the person who I am today. From my youngest through out my older years, I knew him to be resilient, intellectual, and a man of many talents. I watched […]

A word about the internet

The internet is a mystical place, that neither resembles a series of tubes nor a network of cats. The net has facilities to hold both true and false simultaneously causing no conundrum. It is a web entrapping time, thought, and human data, organizing it by titles, keywords, and, images that make it easy query. In […]

Welcome to Giga Mega Ultra, home of Chris Antreasian.

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