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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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Born and raised in Waltham, I started my artistic career at a young age, spending hours drawing cartoon characters at my great aunts house. I would leave all my toys at home in lieu of recounting my favorite characters, drawing them into adventures of my own design. My family motivated me to forge forward enrolling me in a number of after school art programs. Different instructors showed me multiple techniques, giving me the opportunity to experiment with different types of media. Throughout my educational experience I would find myself constantly sketching in the headers and margins of my note books as I took notes. By senior year of high school, I spent majority of my school hours in a vocation art class, where the teacher explained that my style lent itself to illustration and encouraged me to follow it as my career.

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To this day I still draw nearly every day, but it has not became my main method of income. As a career, I have been a practicing web developer for over four years and find it very rewarding. I love the opportunity to solve a puzzle that has multiple solutions. I use research, planning, and experimentation to assemble web-based technology. Through trials and tribulations I have gained the ability to write applications, using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and Flash, Ajax, and the RESTful api method. I have developed modules for a print provider that gives access to third parties databases such as Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and more. I am also professionally capable with the Adobe Creative Suite, Quark, Open office, and Acrobat pro including pitstop. I have spent a number of months assisting a prepress department, receiving client supplied files and preparing them for print.

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In my free time I have been working on an illustrated novel called the Quintuplapus. It is an adventures story about an octopus. I began it in college and continued it giving me a wonderful opportunity to tell a story with both words and pictures.

I am available for hire as a web developer, graphic designer, and am willing to take illustrative commissions as well. I would ideally like to find a position as a art director, for an interesting project. There I could use my skill set to bring people together to build an amazing product.

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