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Life does Suck

Site: Life does Suck
Years: 2006 – 2007
commissioned by: Bob Takvorian

life hurts

Life does Suck was built to both give an outlet for people to share their problems, as well as offer possible solutions. The site itself comprised of two main sections. The first section was the the home page. There I animated a character with Flash who would point to sections on the page that the mouse hovered over. The selected box would gain some secondary animations and the user could view the content material. On this page there was an XML news feed, link to a GoDaddy shopping cart, and an anchored list of assorted categories linking to a Simple Machine Forum. The second section was the forum itself. This forum was my first experience with a content management system. For the most part, I edit the style sheet and add some i-frames. Unfortunately, the forum became the target of so many spam bots that there were more advertisements than actual posts and low human traffic. As a result, we eventually took down the site.

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