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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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Fancy Box

FancyBox: visit the site


FancyBox is a jQuery plugin built to display information in a popup or model box. I did extensive research as in to similar products, and found this one to be the most ideal. It is free to use, handles multiple types of information and is easy to set up.


Easybasket: visit the site


Easybasket is an Ajax and XML shopping cart solution. It is easy to implement and completely free. The only thing the developer wants for us to do to use his software is to post a back link.


Booklet: visit the site

jQuery booklet

Booklet is an online booklet component built by Will Grauvogel. Before choosing Booklet, I did quite a bit of research on jQuery booklets. It is incredibly simple to use and highly customizable with multiple options.

Shuffle Letters

Shuffle Letters: visit the site

Shuffle Letters

Shuffle Letters is an text transition effect built by Martin Angelov to make data transactions more fun. In some cases I fetched the word to be transitioned to through Ajax, while in others directly from within the JavaScript. However the data was fetched, it made my transitions more interesting.

Shine Time

Shine time: visit the site

shine time image capture

Shine time is a gallery plug in built by Addy Osmani. I only used the shine transition but the plug ins does much more. It is easy to implement and very light weight. Shine time could be used by any artist, photographer, or designer to preview their work.

Chris’ Resume

Professional Experience

Pixxlz 2011 – 2013

  • built components, developed, and maintained pixxlz.com, integrating third party APIs
  • HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, and RESTful (Flikr, Facebook, 500px, Instagram, Picasa)

BFSDaniels | CopyCop – web 2011 – 2013

  • maintained and updated copycop.com and bfsdaniels.com, created and added components, designed and deployed banners and column advertisements, optimizing content for search engine indexing, HTML emails
  • XHTML, CSS, WordPress, HubSpot, Javascript, PHP, jQuery, Photoshop

BFSDaniels | CopyCop – print 2011 – 2013

  • assisted the prepress department in preparing client supplied files for print production and creating proofs
  • Accrobat Pro, Rampage, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Marchese for State Representative 2011

  • designed and developed marchese4staterep.org
  • XHTML, CSS, PHP, Paypal, Photoshop

Finding Work Today 2009 – 2010

  • designed and developed findingworktoday.com
  • XHTML, CSS, PHP , Authorize.net, 1ShopingCart

Slamworld USA 2009 – 2010

  • designed and developed slamworldusa.com
  • Photoshop, PHP, mySQL, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Flash, and ActionScript

Life does Suck 2008 – 2009

  • Designed and developed lifedoessuck.com
  • Inkscape, Gimp, XHTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Simple Machines Forum, Godaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart


W3C and the Internet

  • researched server and client side object orented languages

Center of Digital Image Arts at Boston University 2008 – 2009

  • completed certificate program in graphic and web design

Massachusetts College of Art 2007

  • courses taken in oil painting, children’s book, and comic book illustration

Art Institute of Boston 2003 – 2005

  • five semester study in illustration, animation, and fine arts

Waltham High School 2002

  • graduated from Waltham High School with senior year vocational graphic arts background

Practical Skills


  • HTML4, XHTML, HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, HTML emails, search engine optimization,cross browser compatibility, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL, Flash, Action Script, WordPress, RESTful, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Git


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash), QuarkXPress, GIMP, Scribus,Acrobat Pro, Rampage

Graphic Constructs

  • page layout, type, color, contrast, composition, positive/negative space, weight, dynamic images, shape, storyboard, human and animal anatomy, animation, symbolism, gesture, line, shadows/light, perspective

Traditional Media

  • charcoal, pencil, oil pastels, color pencils, water color, acrylics, oil paints

References upon Request

Roid Rage

A picture of when i used to use steroids and lift.

Daniles Print Communications

Years: 2011 – 2013
commissioned by: Daniels Print Communications
Site: Daniels Print Communications


BFSDaniels, now Daniels is a print and digital communication company in Boston, MA. Daniels Print Communications contains three subsidiary companies, Daniels Print, CopyCop, and Pixxlz. As a web developer I was responsible for the upkeep the websites for Daniels and CopyCop and I had a larger role in developing the front and back end of Pixxlz.com.


For Daniels and CopyCop my web based responsibilities included, the creation of graphics, search engine optimization, textual content updates, the creation of HTML emails, design and implementation of assorted advertisements, back end form handle functions and the development of third party web sites. In addition I was occasionally asked to help out the pre-press department. There, I would use my knowledge of file system as well as the Adobe Creative Suite to take client submitted files and prepare them for print. I would also periodically designed internal printed materials such as business cards, logos, calenders, letterheads and flyers.


Pixxlz is a web based application created to aggregate the images that a user has, on multiple online galleries and give the user a portal through which they can have them professionally printed. When I first started working on this project, the application was already online but was limited to a user’s Facebook images. We were able to set up multiple partner sites for companies like Elvis, Boston Duck Tours, Black Belt Magazine and more. The basics of the application for all companies was the same, until Inked Magazine requested to host their images with Flikr. This was my first experience with the RESTful key and secret method. Up until this point the entire application resided in Facebook’s I-frame, but with the advancement of technologies and the CEO’s idea of what the app should be we set in on revolutionizing it. We removed it from the i-frame and set up a back end using Ajax to summon PHP routers that push the data to templates to be served to the user’s client. I set up more external resources linking to Instagram, Picasa, 500px, and modified BlueImps HTML 5 image upload script to create an image gallery for high quality images. In addition this site also has an HTML5 image templating engine to lay out images to print. I was in the process of improving the speed, simplicity, and quality of the engine when I left the company.

Marchese For State Rep

Site: Marchese For State Rep
Years: 2011
commissioned by: Gary Marchese

Gary Marchese for state representative

During the 2011 election, Gary Marchese decided to run for state representative. Gary had spent years on Waltham’s City council and knew it was time for something bigger. He hired me through his daughters recommendation to set up a web site showing his past accomplishments and sharing news of upcoming events. Through the web site, those wishing to contribute to his campaign could make donations through PayPal. Within a couple of weeks it was up and running, helping people learn more about Gary and his stance on issues. It was a very rewarding experience.

Finding Work Today

Site: Finding Work Today
Years: 2008 – 2009
commissioned by: Ken Carson

Finding work Today

During the development of Slam World, I accepted another freelance position to develop a web site designed to help individuals learn how to find work as a consultant. Finding Work Today was commissioned by professional consultant and business owner, Ken Carson. Ken is the the son of Cliff Carson, a legendary head hunter who was an innovator in the field of recruiting. The site was built to present a course that teaches strategies for establishing yourself as a professional consultant. A series of articles and presentations provided any driven, talented individual with the capability to become a marketable consultant. The course instructed technically skilled professionals on how to apply their knowledge in a consulting capacity to assist companies to become more lucrative. It covered such topics as preparing yourself, making contacts, and presenting yourself as an indispensable strategist.

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