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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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Slam World USA

Site: Slam World USA
Years: 2008 – 2009
commissioned by: Bob Takvorian

Slam World Womans Basketball

Slam World USA is the brain child of the same client who commissioned Life does Suck. It was a site with a much different purpose. The client had a concept for a story about a team of super hero athletes who were given their powers from a creature from planet Slam. He pitch this concept to couple of corporate sponsors but then decided to pursue it himself. He commissioned a writer, an illustrator, and myself to put it all together. The Slammers were a team of twenty characters who used their talents and athleticism to help people in need. For each Slammer I set up a flash file describing their personal story, the rules to the sport they represent, and their sports history. The site also contained a series of short stories about the Slammer’s Exploits. Two message boards were modeled after the Nettus forum that I built for Life does Suck. One of the forums was built to discuss the Slammer’s adventures and the other to discuss sports. After some time, the hosting account for Slam World expired and the database was lost. Recently, I was asked to get the site back up, and I accepted. Slammers Unite!

Life does Suck

Site: Life does Suck
Years: 2006 – 2007
commissioned by: Bob Takvorian

life hurts

Life does Suck was built to both give an outlet for people to share their problems, as well as offer possible solutions. The site itself comprised of two main sections. The first section was the the home page. There I animated a character with Flash who would point to sections on the page that the mouse hovered over. The selected box would gain some secondary animations and the user could view the content material. On this page there was an XML news feed, link to a GoDaddy shopping cart, and an anchored list of assorted categories linking to a Simple Machine Forum. The second section was the forum itself. This forum was my first experience with a content management system. For the most part, I edit the style sheet and add some i-frames. Unfortunately, the forum became the target of so many spam bots that there were more advertisements than actual posts and low human traffic. As a result, we eventually took down the site.

The Internet

Link: W3C
Years: 2007 – forever

the Internet

As I looked for work after finishing CDIA, I realized the necessity for continuing to learn. For my first job, my client was looking for a dynamic Flash application and Action Script. This was still new to me, and so I continued my educational journey through internet research. Even now, I constantly find myself searching online for libraries or browsing Stack Overflow to answer questions regarding programing issues. Technology being such a expanding, organic field it is good to know that the trail has been tread by others before me.

In a moment of unemployment I learned that PHP would give my sites an amount of dynamic ability as well as the capability of remembering users and their settings. I read the entire W3C course on PHP and began to understand some concepts of object orientated programing as well as language constructs and common patterns. I went on to set up a website for a client using a Nettus tutorial about building a blog from scratch. The tutorial had some bugs which gave me problems, but with the power of research and with the internet by my side, I managed to fix the errors myself. The internet and those who share their knowledge have helped me become a proficient and flexible developer.

Center for Digital Imaging Arts

Site: CDIA
Years: 2006 – 2007

After leaving the Art Institute, I spent some time working as a delivery driver, gas station attendant, and a package store employee. The jobs payed poorly and left me with no creative satisfaction. My uncle suggested I look into studying web design at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts. I was reluctant at first, thinking that coding would be boring, but enrolled anyways. It was an eighteen month program broken into two modules. First the Graphic Design program taught me the basics of design and software applications necessary for the field, and secondly, the web module familiarized me with the languages used for organizing web sites and file structures. To my surprise, I really enjoyed both modules. Upon graduating from the program I walked away as a certified graphic and web designer.

Art Institute of Boston

years: 2002 – 2005
site: AIB

Art Institute of Boston

As I approached my graduation from Waltham High I knew art was my passion. I applied to art schools with intent to improve my skills. After acceptance at a number of schools, I followed my vocational art teacher suggestion and attended the Art Institute of Boston. There, I studying the technical fundamentals of art, ultimately majoring in Illustration with a minor in Animation. By the third year, the price of a semester more than doubled, and I began to feel that the required courses were less and less targeted towards my art career direction. I realized I no longer wanted to follow the path I was on, resigned and decided to follow my own professional direction.

A word about the internet

The internet is a mystical place, that neither resembles a series of tubes nor a network of cats. The net has facilities to hold both true and false simultaneously causing no conundrum. It is a web entrapping time, thought, and human data, organizing it by titles, keywords, and, images that make it easy query. In this realm long cat is long, round dog is round, and socially awkward penguin would walk in on you in the bathroom and not close the door immediately. It is a massive expanding ocean of files and data making money and loosing lives.

My name is Christopher Antreasian and this is my little island somewhere in the the internet, where all the your base still belongs to us.


Going in to this I felt WordPress would be a good skeleton to for my site. I have had some experience with WordPress in the past and found that it has great functionality, is highly customizable, easy to maintain and very search engine friendly. This however has been my first experience designing one for myself so I really had to think about what I wanted as an end point. So i got my sketch bad and began sketching. About 5 or six different versions later I had a plan in mind and was ready to begin.

I did some research on creating a WordPress from scratch, and even started coding one, before I decided that I was making my life too difficult. So i started searching WordPress and tried out a few. It was then suggested that I look in to Some bare bones themes. I eventually found the Simon WP Framework and began modifying the HTML and CSS.

It has been quite a challenge getting the theme to perform exactly how I wanted but over the course of a week it began to pan out. I have been using css3 for its web kits and font face abilities. The fonts I have used were “hand picked” at Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel has the amazing ability to make open source fonts web safe font kits. The fonts I used are ColaborateThinRegular for the body text and RieslingRegular as the headlines.

It is my intent that as I build this website and possibly beyond that to document my adventures in web design and development. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

Welcome to Giga Mega Ultra, home of Chris Antreasian.

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