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Slam World USA

Site: Slam World USA
Years: 2008 – 2009
commissioned by: Bob Takvorian

Slam World Womans Basketball

Slam World USA is the brain child of the same client who commissioned Life does Suck. It was a site with a much different purpose. The client had a concept for a story about a team of super hero athletes who were given their powers from a creature from planet Slam. He pitch this concept to couple of corporate sponsors but then decided to pursue it himself. He commissioned a writer, an illustrator, and myself to put it all together. The Slammers were a team of twenty characters who used their talents and athleticism to help people in need. For each Slammer I set up a flash file describing their personal story, the rules to the sport they represent, and their sports history. The site also contained a series of short stories about the Slammer’s Exploits. Two message boards were modeled after the Nettus forum that I built for Life does Suck. One of the forums was built to discuss the Slammer’s adventures and the other to discuss sports. After some time, the hosting account for Slam World expired and the database was lost. Recently, I was asked to get the site back up, and I accepted. Slammers Unite!

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