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The Internet

Link: W3C
Years: 2007 – forever

the Internet

As I looked for work after finishing CDIA, I realized the necessity for continuing to learn. For my first job, my client was looking for a dynamic Flash application and Action Script. This was still new to me, and so I continued my educational journey through internet research. Even now, I constantly find myself searching online for libraries or browsing Stack Overflow to answer questions regarding programing issues. Technology being such a expanding, organic field it is good to know that the trail has been tread by others before me.

In a moment of unemployment I learned that PHP would give my sites an amount of dynamic ability as well as the capability of remembering users and their settings. I read the entire W3C course on PHP and began to understand some concepts of object orientated programing as well as language constructs and common patterns. I went on to set up a website for a client using a Nettus tutorial about building a blog from scratch. The tutorial had some bugs which gave me problems, but with the power of research and with the internet by my side, I managed to fix the errors myself. The internet and those who share their knowledge have helped me become a proficient and flexible developer.

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