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The Quintuplapus is an adventure about an octopus and his disillusioned search for self on land.

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The Quintuplapus

A Tide of Bereavement

23 full color illustrated pages

The beginning of an octopuses journey of loss, friendship, and self discovery. The quintuplapus leaves the sea to search for a home and identity that he can call his own. He makes new friends, enemies and in the process looses three tentacles to terrible misfortunes.

The Tramps Enlivenment

29 full color illustrated pages

The quintuplapus stumbles through a subconscious world reflecting on his current predicament. Waking he feels hungry and encroached upon by a new visitor. The visitor gives the quintuplapus a gift of unknown mystery and suggests a method to curb the emptiness in his hollow stomach.

© Christopher Antreasian 2013 - 2015

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New power falls upon the Quintuplapus giving him a polarizing choice. The true ability of the gift is revealed leaving him to face one of his greatest fears with everything hanging in the balance.

All works subject to change and improvement.
© Christopher Antreasian 2013

Quintupalpus chapter 1 page 1
Quintupalpus chapter 1 page 2
Quintupalpus chapter 1 page 3
Quintupalpus chapter 1 page 4

So begins the adventure of the Quintuplapus...

With a brief wait the bus should be on its way!

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Quintupalpus chapter 2 page 1
Quintupalpus chapter 2 page 2
Quintupalpus chapter 2 page 3
Quintupalpus chapter 2 page 4
Quintupalpus chapter 2 page 5

So continues the adventure of the Quintuplapus...

The dream will pass leaving him awake and hungry for more.

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The Quintuplapus

In 2002 during my freshman orientation at the Art Institute of Boston I found myself sketching on the cover of a folder handed out containing all of the ‘important’ information needed for school. I doodled as I listened in-attentively to the speaker. As I was drawing, I produced a creature which resembled an octopus, but one with only 5 legs. The animal was awkwardly shaped, stood aloof, and appeared to have a fairly uneasy disposition. As I continued to wait to get on with the rest of my life, another attendee of the orientation looked over and commented that it was an interesting character and that I should do something with it.

I diagrammed the entire first book, chronicling his departure from the ocean. Due to the physical features of the character, I decided to call the book the Quintuplapus. I began writing the story in a green binder, drawing preliminary images, where I imagined they would lie on the page. As I wrote I allowed the book to progress naturally my mind.

I have been working on the Quintuplapus, off and on, for over ten years, forging the story. The book moves forward growing on its original themes, allowing the hero to continue his adventures and eventually come to some type of resolution. At this point the first two installments are in post production while the third is in its illustrative stage.

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The Adventures
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